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November 20, 2018 - 8:41am Updated: November 20, 2018 - 9:44am

The Milgram’s had already been long-time supporters of the BCSPCA, but after her husband passed away Carol found even more depth of relationship and solace in her adopted dogs who had not only become members of her family, but also examples of unconditional love.

 “My dogs have been with me every step of the way,” says Carol. “They were there for me in my hardest time; I feel like they connected me back to life. At that time I was closing myself off, but they were always there. When I needed to cry, I could cry on them…and they were a great comfort.”

Carol’s passion for animals began as a little girl growing up on a farm where she learned how to care for animals and how they care for us, but her relationship with the BCSPCA began when she was living in the Lower Mainland. Joining their Centennial Committee was a great way for Carol to celebrate an organization that valued the lives of animals just like she did.

“Animals can be forgotten,” notes Carol, “and there’s so much more to animals than we give them credit for.”

As is true for so many others, it was the culture of kindness, caring and the recognition that we are “better people when we care for animals” that initially drew Carol to financially support, adopt from and volunteer for the BCSPA; but she couldn’t help noticing the tremendous need for an improvement in the Kamloops and District BCSPCA facilities, which is why she’s so excited for their new building.

“The comfort of a new, clean building will be better for the staff, volunteers and animals,” notes Carol. “It will benefit both the animals and the community!”

But in order for the new BCSPCA Community Animal Centre to begin serving the region, there needs to be one last push toward raising the funds required for such a major capital project before its grand opening in early 2019.

From kids who have asked for donations in lieu of birthday presents, to businesses and major private donors, people have already rallied together to raise the majority of the funds needed both through the BCSPCA’s High Five campaign and additional agency support. 

However, there is still $400,000 left to raise before the fundraising goal is achieved.

But why such a comprehensive building?

While the BCSPCA is known for animal recovery, welfare and adoption, the vision for the new Community Animal Centre is to provide state of the art animal welfare in an environment that helps the whole community to thrive for many years to come.  

“We are going to increase our ability to provide the best care and animal welfare to our community and surrounding areas,” says Lisa Fuller, Manager, Community Development, about the capabilities of the new facilities, “I really think it will be a community hub,” says Fuller, “a place for people to gather and learn to care for animals and each other.

With a new multi-purpose room and upgraded teaching facilities, we can create a healthier community with our humane education services as well as care for animals. It’s about giving back and teaching our children and youth the importance of compassion for all living things as well as the value of community.”

For the Kamloops and District BCSPCA this new building isn’t just about providing the much-needed love and care for abused and neglected animals and conducting cruelty investigations - it’s also about providing spay and neutering for pets, partnerships with non-profit organizations, expanding teaching opportunities for youth and creating volunteer opportunities for all people - including those who need to gain skills that will support their future employment opportunities. 

The BC SPCA Community Animal Centre will make vital contributions to the Kamloops region’s overall community wellness while caring for vulnerable animals needing a second chance.

With your help, the new Kamloops and District BCSPCA Community Animal Centre will not only care for animals in critical need, but will also teach people about the importance of coming together for a greater purpose because, as Lisa Fuller says,” When we learn to care for animals we learn to care for each other.”

And maybe that’s what life is actually all about.

Your help is needed now to help us cross the finish line.

 To donate to the Kamloops and District BCSPCA and help them reach their goal, please go to spca.bc.ca/HIGHFIVE.  Every dollar matters so please donate today!

-              Written by CFJC Today staff with files and information supplied by Kamloops and District BCSPCA.

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