Love Hard Kamloops answering call for donations during cold snap

By Dylana Milobar
February 9, 2019 - 8:34am

KAMLOOPS — During this recent blast of cold weather, Love Hard Kamloops is working to gather warm clothing for people in the frigid city streets.

Board Member Lynne Borle says recently, they have been trying to help out the Out of the Cold shelter with warm blankets and clothing.

"They still need things like gloves, and sweaters, and winter coats and boots," She explains, "So we've been trying to get our members to go through their closets to see what they can come up with. Some people have gone and bought new things for us."

The group also distributes items weekly by driving out to give food and clothing to people in need throughout the city.

"We help people with sandwiches, hot chocolate, coffee, and granola bars, fruit. We collect all kinds of things and help the people in the street that are hungry."

According to Borle, most of the items they gather are things that are portable and easy to be carried around.

"I'm amazed by the people of Kamloops. I'm blown away every time," Borle says, "Every time we ask for something, we can get it."

To contact Love Hard about helping out or donating, go to their Facebook page, which can be found here, or their public group, accessed here.

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