Woman uninjured after being dumped into garbage truck in Brock

By Ashley Legassic
February 11, 2019 - 1:53pm

KAMLOOPS — A woman was somehow uninjured after the dumpster she was in was dumped into a garbage truck earlier this morning.

Kamloops Fire Rescue Platoon Capt. Darryl Cooper says the call came in just before 8:30 this morning, and crews responded to the Mary Brown's Chicken parking lot in Brocklehurst.

"A lady was on top of the garbage truck, so she managed to climb out of it and she was on top of it, just needed a hand down," Cooper says. "The story is she was in a dumpster by the Tim Hortons, the garbage truck came and emptied that dumpster and then lowered it and moved onto the next dumpster, the dumpster over by Mary Brown's. That's when the driver looked in his rearview mirror or side mirror and noticed her and that's when he called 911."

Cooper says the woman declined medical treatment, but adds she's lucky to be uninjured due to the roughly 15-foot drop from the dumpster into the bottom of the garbage truck.

"I've heard of these stories where people get broken legs or they even get killed so that she got out is lucky on her."

He warns those trying to stay warm in this cold snap to find a safer place.

"We try to keep people out of dumpsters, by putting locks on them and that sort of thing. They still seem to be going in — it's not best policy. If you need to stay warm then try and find a warming place, some place that's not going to be a danger to yourself," Cooper says. "Just be safe out there, that's all we've got. Please, please, people take care of yourselves."

UPDATE: Interior Health says two new cases of norovirus at RIH