Local fly-fishing master's 'Trout School' reaches top spot on Amazon

By Dylana Milobar
April 21, 2019 - 3:32pm

KAMLOOPS — If you have dipped your toes into the fishing community around Kamloops, then you've probably come across the name Mo Bradley.

The 82-year-old is somewhat of a legend in the Interior for his knowledge in all things fishing, and fly tying.

Today, Bradley can add co-authoring an Amazon number one bestseller to his repetoire, with the release of Trout School: Lessons from a Fly-Fishing Master.

The book, penned by environmental journalist and author, Mark Hume, alongside Bradley, has only been out since April 9th, and since then has become a number one bestseller under regional guides on Amazon.com.

B.C artist, Nana Cook illustrated Trout School, and Bradley says the paintings bring an element of detailed artistry to the fly fishing guide.

While this is their first book together, Bradley says he and Hume first met about 15 years ago while Bradley was guiding out near Stump Lake.

"I met him out there and we hit it off straight away. He's a really wonderful guy," He explains, "We just continued after that at different times we met, and I've had a fantastic relationship with him."

Much of the book's content wasn't hard to gather, as Bradley says after most of his fishing trips over the past 40 years, he has written down the details.

"We started talking about it, and he (Mark) said, 'Why don't you put it in a book form?'" He explains, "That's where the book came from. And its actually been doing really well."

In fact, Trout School has been doing so well, Bradley says Amazon called to tell them.

"Last week, it was 1,800,000 hits on that website. That is scary." He says, "A lady phoned to tell us that we were number one, after one week of being on Amazon."

When asked about how he felt with the success of selling so many copies already, Bradley says he's just glad to be able to help people.

"It's a lot of people which I'm helping, and that's what I do it for. I don't do it for gain," Bradley says, "I'm not bothered about any money. I've got enough to keep Evelyn (his wife of 58 years) and I going, and we're doing pretty damn good."  

The fishing guide focuses on trout in and around the Kamloops area, a fish Bradley admires very much.

"Look at it this way. The other things are just things with scales on them. A trout is special. And if you ever put one on the end of a fly line and they start to jump and do its thing, you'll know why its special. And people come from all over the world just to do that."

Bradley himself falls into that category.

"There's nowhere better in the world than right here. If there was, then I'd be living there." He laughs, "The people of Kamloops, British Columbia, and Canada, well most of them, are wonderful people and they'll do almost anything to get you fishing, and keep you fishing."

The master angler came to Kamloops in the 1960's from England, says his love of fishing began when he was a child.

"I was about 9 or 10 by then. Just after the war, I guess there wasn't anything to do then," He explains, "Then it graduated to when I started work and could buy a fishing basket and proper rod."

Despite a stroke in both eyes a few years back resulting in visual impairment, Bradley has since found a way to continue his fly tying passion.

"I'm also at Surplus Herby's every Friday and Saturday helping people understand what we've got, and tying flies. I donate them all to charities."

Bradley has no qualms about helping people interested in getting started with fly fishing, but he does want outdoor excursions to be responsible.

"Leave it as clean when you come out of it, as when you found it." He stresses, "If you keep the environment clean, the fish will be there for a long, long time."

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