Thousands enjoy Easter activities at the BC Wildlife Park

By Jill Sperling
April 22, 2019 - 5:09pm

KAMLOOPS — The BC Wildlife Park has been hopping with activity this Easter long weekend, including the ever-popular Easter Egg Hunt for children.

Uncle Chris the Clown was on site to entertain the parents and children who braved Monday's chilly weather to gather as many chocolate eggs as they could gather in their baskets. 

While the day's turnout was lower due to weather, the weekend's activities have been a big hit. 

"I think we had 1,900 people here on the Saturday, I was counting after ten though I kind of just winged it," said Uncle Chris the Clown. "Like I said, it's a great place to come to, it's a great place to get Easter eggs, or have a nice relaxing nap with no one around you."

Visitors could also check out the rest of the park and animals. 

For some, it was the final family activity following a busy Easter weekend. 

"We just decided last minute actually, we didn't know what to do this morning," said parent Jaime Lintott. "We already went camping this weekend and did a couple of other things, we just last minute decided we should come here."

"We like coming to the park on most of the events if they have them," added Che Gawlicki, "we're just like, 'oh yeah, right it's still going on, is it Monday? Can we do this?' So we did it."

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